Assessor Livable Housing​

The idea of designing your home to meet the changing needs of your family over time is well worth thinking about.

  • The Livable Housing Guidelines which have been developed by the collaboration of industry and the community to provide assurance that a home is easier to access, navigate and live in, as well more cost effective to adapt when life’s circumstances change.
  • Families with young children benefit from Livable Homes that make it easier to manoeuvre prams and strollers and remove trip hazards for toddlers. Moving furniture into and around a Livable Home is easy with wider doors and corridors.
  • People who sustain a temporary injury benefit from Livable Homes due to the easy to operate door handles and the step free pathway to all key areas of the home.
  • Ageing baby boomers who are looking to move or renovate their existing homes will benefit from Livable Homes. As their physical abilities change with age, this growing segment of the Australian property market will appreciate the simple changes to design that make their lives easier and safer. Visiting children and grand-children will also be safer in their Livable Home.
  • People with a disability and their families will benefit from Livable Homes that enable them to take advantage of better housing choices and gives them the opportunity to visit the homes of friends and relatives.

Livable Housing provides three levels of design standards – Silver, Gold and Platinum depending upon the degree of ‘livability’ required for the home.
Greg Moore, a Director of Building Development Group is a qualified Livable Housing Assessor and can both design and certify Livable Housing accommodation.